History Of Pleasanton's Seafood

Pleasanton’s Seafood goes out daily on the Delaware Bay to catch eel, oyster, clams, and fish. Delaware Bay is part of the Leipsic River, or as locals like to call it, the “crick”. Our restaurant has been in business for over 15 years and is family operated. Crabbing is a long running tradition that not only provides delicious seafood for Pleasanton’s Seafood, but also allows the men of the family to work outside of an office job and spend time with their two boys, who also help out on the boat.

In the kitchen, we serve up some of the best seafood on the east coast, especially our Delaware Blue Claw Crab. Enjoy the take out from Pleasanton’s Seafood and be sure to try our crab balls and Alan's Crabby Wings. We’ve also perfected our crab seasoning to create the perfect blend, which you can purchase separately if you wish.